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Alaska Surimi



Alaska Surimi

Alaska Surimi cakes

The world’s finest surimi seafood products are made from high quality Alaska Pollock, which is harvested from the icy, clear waters of the Bering Sea. This is real seafood, with succulent, sweet flavor and juicy texture. Pre-cut in uniform portions to save you time and money, Alaska Surimi Seafood’s are ideal for use in menu items that call for lobster, shrimp, scallops or crab. So, if you want surimi seafood that tastes, looks and cooks like the real thing, check the label to make sure it comes from Alaska.


Alaska Seafood is recognized as far and away the world’s finest, and Alaska Surimi Seafood’s are no exception. Alaska Surimi Seafoods are made with fresh-frozen, mild-tasting, snow-white Alaska Pollock and contain no MSG. And unlike many imitations, Alaska Surimi Seafood’s are packed under strict federal inspection, so you can be assured of getting a superior product.



Alaska Surimi Seafoods are pre-cooked and ready-to-use when thawed. There’s no shell to remove and no waste. Naturally low in fat, calories and cholesterol. Alaska Surimi Seafoods can be used in hot or cold menu items ranging from appetizers and salads to omelets, soups, sandwiches and entrees.

Plate of imataion Krab


Alaska Surimi Seafood’s come in four versatile styles, each with its own place on your menu.

Whole Legs offer the elegant appearance of Alaska crab legs. Serve whole or cut into smaller pieces as appetizers with dipping sauces.

Mini Cuts are pre-cut in bite-size portions. Great for salads or as an ingredient in stir-fry’s and other cooked dishes.

Chunk Meat gives you appetizing chunks that look and taste like fresh crab meat. Perfect for seafood salads, sandwiches, gratins and a variety of hot and cold pasta dishes.

Shredded is easy-to-use as an ingredient for salads, stuffing’s, in hot or cold sandwiches and spreads.



Alaska’s icy waters are home to the world’s largest resource of Alaska Pollock, ensuring a year-round, consistent supply of all forms of Alaska Surimi Seafood’s. Available fresher-frozen, Alaska Surimi Seafood’s are perfect for your menu no matter what the season.


Alaska Surimi Seafood’s cost less than crab and other varieties of shellfish. But that’s just the beginning. With no bones, shells or waste, Alaska Surimi Seafood products require minimal labor and handling. Furthermore, while food costs on your other ingredients may fluctuate, Alaska Surimi Seafood’s offer stable pricing which helps you maintain consistent menu pricing and profits throughout the year.

An assortment of Alaska Surimi products


Alaska Surimi Seafood’s are a good source of high quality protein that is naturally low in fat, cholesterol and calories. Nutritional specifications may vary slightly depending on the brand or product form purchased, so check the label on each product.



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