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Alaska Pollock

Alaska Pollock

Image of an Alaska Pollock





No other whitefish matches Alaska Pollock for flavor, texture, color, versatility, availability, and nutritional content. Look at the natural advantages of Alaska Pollock and you'll see why they add up to a foodservice value that can't be beat.


Alaska Pollock's texture, color, and flavor have proven ideal for every segment of the foodservice market from fast food to white tablecloth restaurants. It is equally delicious poached, baked, broiled, steamed, sauteed, or deep-fried. As a result, operators use it in offerings ranging from high quality fish and chips to upscale signature items with delicate sauces.

Plate of Alaska Pollock on Ciabatta


Alaska Pollock fillets deliver a bone-free whitefish with a consistent snow-white color. They are lean with a tender texture and excellent flaking qualities. Alaska Pollock, a member of the cod family, should never be confused with Atlantic Pollock, a different species, which is darker, more oily, and has a "fishier" flavor.


The cold, clear waters of Alaska are the world's largest resource for pollock, ensuring that Alaska Pollock is available year-round in a variety of ready-to-use, high quality fillets or breaded nuggets. Foodservice operators consider this a major benefit because they can count on consistently serving a high quality whitefish to customers who are increasingly quality conscious.


Alaska Pollock's mild flavor meets the taste preferences of today's foodservice customers who prefer fish with a more delicate taste that is easily complemented with herbs, spices, and light sauces.

Alaska Pollock with lemon slices


Significantly low in fat and calories, Alaska Pollock is an excellent source of protein and minerals. It is perfect for health care, schools and other non-commercial feeders as well as chain and independent


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