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Alaska Pink Shirmp




Alaska Pink Shrimp




Image of an Alaskan Pink Shrimp

(pandalus borealis)

Who would have guessed that a tiny ten-legged crustacean would arouse the appetite of an entire country? Judging from the enormous amount consumed each year, shrimp has become America's most popular shellfish. Among the hundreds of species that inhabit the world's seas is Alaska Pink shrimp. Dwelling in icy cold Alaskan waters, this miniature shellfish prefers fairly deep water by day and the sea's shallower areas at night. Caught with special nets, the pink shrimp is then delivered iced to the processing plant where it is precooked, peeled and then frozen.

Plate of Alaskan Pink Shrimp with cocktail sauce

Its sweet, delicate flavor has maneuvered this versatile crustacean into almost every menu category. Consider Alaska Pink shrimp appetizer quiches or the ever-popular Shrimp Louie. Feature an Alaska Pink shrimp omelet on your brunch menu. Or offer Alaska Pink Shrimp Bisque for lunch. Alaskan Pink shrimp can also be heaped on top of pasta or baked potatoes, tucked into enchiladas and crêpes or added to stuffings and sauces.

Basket full of Alaskan Pink Shrimp

A little Alaska Pink shrimp packs a lot of nutrition. A low-calorie source of high-quality protein, shrimp also supplies calcium, phosphorus, potassium and vitamin A.



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