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Alaska King Crab

Alaskan King Crab


2 giant Alaskan King Crab just caught off the Alaska Coast



No other shellfish in the world projects a more elegant image or offers such widespread consumer appeal than Alaska King Crab. It is unmatched for its sweet flavor and rich, tender texture. Alaska King Crab truly deserves its title, "King of Alaska".


As an elegant entree, Alaska King Crab is extremely versatile and lends prestige to any menu. Many of the nation's top chefs are taking advantage of Alaska King Crab's versatility, elegant appearance and unmatched flavor, by using it to elevate the status of appetizers, entrees, soups and salads.

Juicy Alaskan King Crab legs on a plate with butter and lemon


The traditional presentation of Alaska King Crab legs with drawn butter has given way to a variety of new menu possibilities. Innovative preparations include serving Alaska King Crab poached with a roasted garlic tartar sauce, enhancing it with Oriental flavors such as a ginger sauce and black beans, serving it with a variety of dipping sauces such as Mexican salsa, or using it as an ingredient in pasta or elaborate stuffings. No matter how it is prepared, Alaska King Crab brings increased value to your menu.


Alaska fishermen brave rough and wild, early winter seas of the North Pacific and Bering Sea to harvest Alaska King Crab. Once harvested, Alaska King Crab is transported live to processing plants, where it is cleaned, cooked and immediately frozen to preserve its superior quality and natural, fresh-caught flavor and texture. Since Alaska King Crab is cleaned and pre-cooked, it is ready to serve after thawing. Menu items can be easily prepared; keeping labor costs low and margins high. It can be gently heated for hot items or chilled for appetizers and salads.


The largest and most impressive of all the crabs caught in the world, Alaska King Crab lends itself to a variety of attractive plate presentations. One of the most widely recognized shellfish, it commands a specialty menu item position, and its delicate flavor appeals to the most discriminating gourmet. From upscale, white tablecloth to casual and specialty theme restaurants, the prestigious image of Alaska King Crab allows profitable pricing with the added value of easy preparation and reduced labor costs.

A plate of fresh Alaskan King Crab legs snapped open to show the sweet meat inside.


Alaska King Crab is always available fresher-frozen throughout the year in a variety of convenient product forms, from whole or split legs and claws to selected portions. Alaska's state-of-the-art freezing and processing technology, employed within hours of harvesting, ensures a consistent, high-quality product by preserving Alaska King Crab's sweet flavor, rich, tender texture and snow white meat, regally edged in red. You can menu it as a seafood specialty without worrying about seasonality.


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