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Alaska Cod



Alaska Cod

Alaska Cod image also knoown as Alaskan Pollock

Today's customers like their fish mild, moist and flaky. That's why Alaska cod with its fresh-caught flavor has become such a popular menu item. It's the perfect choice for a healthy diet. Low in calories, Alaska cod is an excellent source of high-quality protein and essential nutrients.

Harvested in the icy, pristine waters of Alaska's Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska, this appealing and versatile seafood with its snow white color and firm texture is the highest quality cod fillet available.


Alaska cod's firm flaky texture, white color and mild flavor have proven ideal for a wide range of foodservice menus, from fast food to white tablecloth restaurants. Because of its firm texture, it adapts well to most cooking methods. It can be baked, poached, steamed, sautéed, or deep-fried for fish and chips.

Plate of an Alaskan Cod dish

With its moist, tender flake, Alaska cod makes an excellent ingredient in seafood salads, casseroles and chowders. Its mild, delicate flavor is compatible with a variety of sauces, herbs, spices and flavored butters.


Frozen within hours of harvest to lock in its fresh-caught flavor and ensure its high quality, Alaska cod fillets are available year-round, providing a continuous supply of waste-free fillets in various sizes, including 4 to 8 oz., 8 to 16 oz.,16 to 32 oz. and 32 oz. and above.


Alaska cod's abundant supply makes it economical. And its popularity, versatility and exceptional value make it easy to promote. Commonly marketed as skinless, boneless, frozen fillets, Alaska cod is ready-to-use. Pre-cut portions offer no waste, easy preparation, low labor costs and provide great plate coverage at a reasonable cost per serving.


Lean Alaska cod is especially appealing to customers who are watching their diets. Low in fat and calories, high in protein, it contains all the essential amino acids and several important minerals.

Flacky Alaskan Cod ready to be eaten


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