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About Your Alaska Guide


Your Alaska Guide hiking in Tok,Alaska





I am currently a Communications Specialist who lives and works across the state of Alaska from rural villages to the largest cities in the state.

During my travels I have collected a mass of information along with photos and video. I have met a lot of good people along the way both for business and pleasure.

I felt compelled to share my findings with those who are curious about The Last Frontier.

glassing for mtn goats on kodiak

I have highlighted a few businesses that are exceptional in their service and are everything you would want in a professional.

 I have run across many tourists here in Alaska and just have to shake my head as they are lead around by their wallets. While there are many legitimate tour outfits out there, many just take you around from one of their vendors to the next not losing sight of your wallet.


For many , they are perfectly fine with this method of travel preferring someone to make all their travel arrangements using their selected vendors who share your vacation dollar.

Iditarod trail start 2009

What many don't know is, some of these tour operators are out of state entities who are more concerned with your dollar than your experience

·        Many companies are not Alaskan companies and are just here seasonally.  

·         Hire out of country help, not Alaskans to save on labor costs.

·        Take your vacation dollar out of the country.

·        You are taken exclusively to their sister companies they have set-up to capture more of your dollar.

·        You are taken to the same places millions have been before for your unique adventure.

·        Charge you the tourist a higher rate as they steer you away from the true Alaskan business

·        Show you a Disneyland type of tour rather than the true Alaskan tour.

·        You are treated like cattle being herded from one of their attractions to the next on THEIR time schedule to get you ($$) past as many of the other services offered.

Save yourself some money; explore the real Alaska by planning your own vacation to get the most from your ever shrinking dollar.

I have put together this totally 100% free guide of resources to help you with your vacation planning.

Here is the skinny, do a search on anything Alaska that has to do with travel and you’re going to find 1000's of paid advertisements.

The state of Alaska has its own travel site  feel free to take a look.

Very nice.

It has to be as they sell advertising space. What you will notice is you are only given a selection of paid advertisers from which to choose. If you look at some of these companies, they are the BIG names who cater to the masses.

If you travel to Mexico would you eat at Taco Bell? Of course not! You want the real experiance.

While I am sure you will enjoy any of these services provided, you are being limited to what is really out there to be seen, found and explored.

We are all in such a rush these day's we find it easier to just throw money at something to have someone else "Deal with it". 

taking video atop alyeska ski resort

For your vacation here to Alaska, start your adventure at home. Use all of your electronic gizmos and gadgets to help plan your Alaska vacation. Get the family together and start checking out everything that this great state has to offer and make your own custom vacation doing the things you like or would like to try on your time schedule.

 Do yourself a favor; spend 15 minutes of your time reading my trip planning guide. It will never cost you anything but your time. I have gathered every resource the state of Alaska has to offer and you can make your own choice. I have listed these totally free; no one has paid me to highlight their business.

I am sure you’re asking what is in it for me.

 I will tell you this. I enjoy gathering all this information. I try to go through and read as many of these listings as I can. If you check my photo site flickr you will see I travel all over the state. Mainly this is for work, however when I am off work I myself love a good adventure.

By putting together this Alaska directory I am able to already have a list of things to do when I travel to my next town, community or village. I can get info and take pictures and have more information to provide.

In the dead of winter here in Alaska, I am able to fend off cabin fever by working on web sites, doing research and learning more about the last frontier.

So that’s it. I am just sharing my research and findings with the world which is not swayed by the almighty dollar.

If you choose to use my site for your travel planning and you find there is something else that may help you, drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do.




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