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Attu Station

Attu Station

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Attu Station

(at-TOO) Chichagof

Current Population:              21   (2011 Alaska Department of Labor Estimate)

Incorporation Type:              Unincorporated

Located In:                           Aleutians West Census Area

Taxes:                                   No taxing authority




Location and Climate

This Coast Guard station is located on the northeast coast of Attu Island, in the Near Islands group, on the far western end of the Aleutian Chain. It lies at approximately 52.937500° North Latitude and 173.237500° East Longitude.   Attu Station is located in the Aleutian Islands Recording District.

Attu lies in the maritime climate zone, characterized by persistently overcast skies, high winds, and frequent cyclonic storms. Winter squalls produce wind gusts in excess of 100 knots. During the summer, extensive fog forms over the Bering Sea and North Pacific. Average temperatures range from 20 to 60 °F, but wind chill factors can be severe. Total precipitation is 64 inches annually, with an average accumulated snowfall of 100 inches, primarily in the mountains.


History, Culture and Demographics

The Aleutian Islands were historically occupied by the Unangas. Attu was called "Saint Theodore" by Capt. A.I. Chirikov in 1742. The first non-Native landing on the island appears to have been in 1745. The Aleut name was early transcribed by the Russians as "Ostrov Attu," spelled "Atakou" by Capt. Cook in 1785. Attu was listed in the 1880 Census with 107 people; 101 in 1890; 29 in 1930; and 44 in 1940. Attu and Kiska Islands were occupied by Japanese forces during World War II. Attu was virtually destroyed in 1943 when the U.S. Army mounted a successful offensive from Adak against the island. It was known as "Chichagof" by the armed forces. It is currently a Coast Guard LORAN station.

The Coast Guard personnel live in a group quarters facility. There are no families stationed at Attu.

According to Census 2010, Its population was 4.8 percent American Indian or Alaska Native; 90.5 percent white; 4.8 percent Pacific Islander; Additionally, 19.1 percent of the population was of Hispanic decent.


Facilities, Utilities, Schools and Health Care

All services needed for staff in this facility are available. A permitted landfill is available. Electricity is provided by U.S. Coast Guard Generator. There are schools located in the community,  Auxiliary health care is provided by U.S.C.G. emergency medical staff.



Attu is a U.S. Coast Guard station.

The 2006-2010 American Community Survey (ACS) estimated 121 residents as employed. The public sector employed 100.0%1 of all workers. The per capita income (in 2010 inflation-adjusted dollars) was $49,708 (MOE +/-$2,531)1




The Casco Cove Airport is a 5,800' by 150' paved runway, maintained by the Coast Guard. The airstrip is authorized for public use only in an emergency; all others must obtain permission from the U.S. Coast Guard 17th District, located in Juneau at 907-392-3315.

Organizations with Local Offices



Regional Organizations

School District - Aleutian Region School District
P.O. Box 92230
Anchorage, AK 99509
Phone 907-277-2648
Fax 907-277-2649

Regional Native Health Corporation - Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, Incorporated
1131 E. International Airport Rd.
Anchorage, AK 99518
Phone 907-276-2700
Fax 907-279-4351

Regional Development - Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference
3300 Arctic Blvd., Suite 203
Anchorage,  99503
Phone 907-562-7380
Fax 907-562-0438



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