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Anaktuvuk Pass

Anaktuvuk Pass

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Anaktuvuk Pass

(an-ack-TOO-vick); a.k.a. Naqsragmiut Tribe


Current Population:              325   (2011 Alaska Department of Labor Estimate)

Incorporation Type:               2nd Class City

Located In:                             North Slope Borough

Taxes:                                   Sales: None, Property: 18.5 mills (borough), Special: None




Location and Climate

Anaktuvuk Pass, at 2,200 feet elevation on the divide between the Anaktuvuk and John Rivers in the central Brooks Range, is the last remaining settlement of the Nunamiut (inland northern Inupiat Eskimo). The community lies at approximately 68.143330° North Latitude and -151.735830° West Longitude.  (Sec. 18, T015S, R002E, Umiat Meridian.)   Anaktuvuk Pass is located in the Barrow Recording District.  The area encompasses 4.8 sq. miles of land and 0.1 sq. miles of water.

The climate of Anaktuvuk Pass is strongly continental. Due to its high elevation, summers are cool. The average temperature in January is -14 °F. The average summer temperature is 50 °F. Extremes ranging from a low of -56 to a high of 91 °F have been recorded. Precipitation averages 11 inches and snowfall averages 63 inches per year.


History, Culture and Demographics

Nunamiut bands left the Brooks Range and scattered due to the scarcity of caribou in 1926-27 and also because of cultural changes brought by the influx of western settlers. In 1938, however, several Nunamiut families left the coast and returned to the mountains at Killik River and Chandler Lake. In 1949, the Chandler Lake group moved to Anaktuvuk Pass ("the place of caribou droppings"), where they were later joined by the Killik River group. This settlement attracted Nunamiut from many other locations, and villagers today lead a more sedentary lifestyle than in earlier nomadic times. The city was incorporated in 1959. A Presbyterian church was constructed in 1966.

A federally-recognized tribe is located in the community -- the Village of Anaktuvuk Pass. Anaktuvuk Pass is a Nunamiut Eskimo community dependent upon subsistence activities. The sale, importation, and possession of alcohol is banned in the village.

According to Census 2010, there were 118 housing units in the community and 99 were occupied. Its population was 83.3 percent American Indian or Alaska Native; 7.1 percent white; 0.3 percent black; 0.3 percent Pacific Islander; 9 percent of the local residents had multi-racial backgrounds. Additionally, 2.2 percent of the population was of Hispanic decent.


Facilities, Utilities, Schools and Health Care

The North Slope Borough provides all utilities. There are two central wells in Anaktuvuk Pass, including a treated watering point at Nunamiut School. Most households have water delivered by truck to holding tanks. A few residents haul their own water. Almost 80% of homes have running water in the kitchen. Electricity is provided by North Slope Borough. There is one school located in the community,  attended by 83 students. Local hospitals or health clinics include Anaktuvuk Pass Clinic.  Anaktuvuk Pass Health Clinic is a Primary Health Care facility. Anaktuvuk Pass is an isolated location it is part of the North Slope EMS Region. Emergency Services have river and airport access. Emergency service is provided by volunteers and a health aide.  Auxiliary health care is provided by Anaktuvuk Pass Volunteer Fire Dept. (Dispatch 907-661-6814 Office 633-6814).



Economic and employment opportunities are limited in Anaktuvuk Pass, due to its isolation. Hunting and trapping for the sale of skins, guiding hunters, or making traditional Caribou skin masks or clothing provides income. Some residents have seasonal employment outside of the community. Caribou is the primary source of meat; other subsistence foods include trout, grayling, moose, sheep, brown bear, ptarmigan, and water fowl.

The 2006-2010 American Community Survey (ACS) estimated 1271 residents as employed. The public sector employed 16.5%1 of all workers. The local unemployment rate was 35.5%1. The percentage of workers not in labor force was 39.4%1. The ACS surveys established that average median household income (in 2010 inflation-adjusted dollars) was $43,162 (MOE +/-$5,109)1. The per capita income (in 2010 inflation-adjusted dollars) was $15,015 (MOE +/-$3,410)1. About 14.0%1 of all residents had incomes below the poverty level. 




The 4,800' gravel airstrip is owned and operated by the North Slope Borough and provides Anaktuvuk Pass with year-round access. There is no road to Anaktuvuk Pass, but "cat-trains" transport cargo from the Trans-Alaska pipeline haul road during winter months. Snow machines and ATVs are used for local transportation.

Organizations with Local Offices

City - City of Anaktuvuk Pass
P.O. Box 21030
Anaktuvuk Pass, AK 99721-0030
Phone 907-661-3612
Fax 907-661-3613

Electric Utility - North Slope Borough
P.O. Box 69
Barrow, AK 99723
Phone 907-852-0340
Fax 907-852-0337

Tribe - federally recognized - Village of Anaktuvuk Pass
P.O. Box 21065
Anaktuvuk Pass, AK 99721
Phone 907-661-2575
Fax 907-661-2576

Village Corporation - Nunamiut Corporation, Incorporated
P.O. Box 21009
Anaktuvuk Pass, AK 99721
Phone 907-661-3220
Fax 907-661-3025



Regional Organizations

School District - North Slope Borough School District
P.O. Box 169
Barrow, AK 99723-0169
Phone 907-852-5311
Fax 907-852-9503

Regional Native Corporation - Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
P.O. Box 129
Barrow, AK 99723-0129
Phone 907-852-8633
Fax 907-852-5733

Regional Native Health Corporation - North Slope Borough Health and Social Services Agency
P.O. Box 69
Barrow, AK 99723
Phone 907-852-0366
Fax 907-852-0389

Regional Native Non-Profit - Arctic Slope Native Association, Limited
P.O. Box 1232
Barrow, AK 99723
Phone 907-852-2762
Fax 907-852-2763

Native Housing Authority - Tagiugmiullu Nunamiullu Housing Authority
P.O. Box 409
Barrow, AK 99723
Phone 907-852-7150
Fax 907-852-2038


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