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Aurora Viewing, A social event.

by Bob Jones on 03-14-2013 in Northern Lights
Aurora Viewing, A social event.

Being an Alaskan I constantly check the aurora forecast out of Fairbanks.There is a group on Facebook which when the lights are out will post comments on the best viewing areas or what they are seeing in a particular location. The winter months are best for viewing as it is darker longer, but it is not as bad as one might think with it being so cold and is a great way to get out and meet people.
With smart phone in one hand and hot chocolate in the other, we drive to the locations that are being posted where the lights are active and are in full view out of the clouds. This can go on throughout the night with the group getting larger as we all rush to the next destination being reported.
We are all near our vehicles with the heat on going back and forth from the group outside to the warmth inside. This is a great social event with talk about cameras, lenses and settings with many sharing photos from previous outings.When the lights flare up there are oohs and ahhhs with the clicking of camera shutters.When the lights die down for a bit, many like myself are back to the car, pop the memory card in the laptop to view the photos they have taken to make camera adjustments and so forth.
Viewing the aurora is not just a photo op, but a social event as well.

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